My name is Willy Schultz. I am 21 years old, and I am a programmer, designer, and engineer.

I like building, designing, and thinking about technology. My engineering background began with building things out of wood and foam in my dad’s machine shop, and from there I moved on to CNC machining, electronics prototyping, and, in the past few years, software engineering.

Currently I am in my senior year at Cornell University, studying Mathematics and Computer Science. Math has always been a fascination of mine, and I feel that pushing myself to study it at a high level has gotten me to think harder and more carefully about concepts and problems in every discipline. People think of math as numbers and symbols, but really, a lot of math is just about thinking really hard for a long time about one thing. Math has forced me to think harder, and I value my time studying it for that reason.

I’m not a purely theoretical kind of guy, and I have always liked seeing how my thoughts and ideas can be applied in the real world. Studying Computer Science lets me apply the precision and clarity of high level abstract thinking to real world stuff. Engineering things well requires a lot of patience, careful thinking, and creativity – not just hacking. I enjoy these intellectual challenges.

Most recently, I created a distributed video encoder control system for Sportzcast, using Python, a software framework called, and AngularJS. In the past I have worked with Arduinos, Printed Circuit Boards, the Raspberry Pi. I like working in Python and recently took a course in OCaml and enjoy that as well. Recently I have also been exploring some topics in machine learning (convolutional neural networks & techniques for dimensionality reduction, to name a few).

I will be graduating from Cornell in May, 2016.